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| less than a minute read

The House of Lords have rejected the Government's nitrate neutrality amendments to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill (LURB)

The Government’s proposed amendments to LURB to address 'defective EU laws’ relating to nutrient neutrality were blocked by the House of Lords last night (13 September).

The proposal would have removed the requirement for local planning authorities (LPAs) to take account of appropriate assessments when assessing new housing developments. Instead, LPAs would assume there were no adverse impacts. Consequently, developers would not have to demonstrate nitrate neutrality as part of new housing projects.

Concerns that the proposed amendments would worsen water pollution appears to have led the Lords to reject the amendments.

LURB cannot now be passed back to the House of Commons because the legislation has reached the end of its passage through Parliament.

The Government will now have to consider bringing forward new legislation to introduce its proposed amendments.


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