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NEW Tenant Satisfaction Measures FAQs published

NEW Tenant Satisfaction Measures FAQs published

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) Standard came into effect from April 2023. This requires all registered providers to generate and report TSMs as specified by the regulator in two documents; TSM Technical Requirements and TSM Tenant Survey Requirements. These were published in September 2022 and contain significant information as to how TSMs must be defined, calculated, and reported. A range of information has been published to date and the regulator has received a large number of queries as providers prepare to collect their first set of TSMs for 2023/24.

This new FAQ note does not form part of the requirements providers need to meet but sets out examples of specific queries received. It is a useful tool for those already familiar with the published TSM requirements. The 'common themes' in the FAQs cover issues such as complaints, neighbourhood management, anti-social behaviour, repairs and stock condition, tenant perception surveys and building safety.

Click here to read the FAQs.

For further information, please contact Donna McCarthy.


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