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Devonshires support RHP's Winter Warmers campaign

We're delighted to support RHP's Winter Warmers campaign which aims to keep older customers of RHP (who live independently) safe and connected during the winter months. This is done by providing them with essential support, such as all customers over 80 receiving a directory which signposts to various local support services, those over 90 will also receive some winter gifts including a blanket and festive biscuits.

Victoria Smith, Solicitor, said: “We’re proud to support RHP’s Winter Warmers campaign and their older community during this festive season. Great work from all involved in providing this vital support for customers over 80 in the winter months to keep them safe, warm and connected.”

The campaign has been sponsored by Devonshires Law Firm, as well as Smith & Byford, who both match funded RHP’s contribution.