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| 1 minute read

Quick thoughts following SHLA

It was a pleasure to attend this year’s SHLA conference and catch up with contemporaries and hear from experts in the social housing sector.

It was reassuring to hear from the keynote speaker Jonathan Walters of the Regulator of Social Housing about the imminent changes and the removal of the serious detriment test and enhancement of their existing powers. Detail can be found in the published guidance form 29 February 2024 which all RPs should now have read and know by heart. 

I also really enjoyed hearing from the panel regarding the proposed changes under the Leasehold Reform Bill and the Renters Reform Bill and their thoughts on the nature of recent legislation generally. It seems fairly clear there is broadly consensus between the two major parties and with arguments being raised in Parliament of forfeiture being abolished completely, the potential impact could be seismic, which considering all the changes that social landlords have been faced with over the last few years is saying something. 

On a lighter note, the teddies in Hi-Vis were the cutest corporate swag I’ve seen in a long time so well done to Total Housing Solutions, SHLA’s main sponsor this year.


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