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| 1 minute read

Housing Ombudsman launches consultation on proposed approach to Good Practice

On Tuesday 26 March 2024 the Housing Ombudsman ('the HO') launched a consultation for social landlords on its proposed approach for issuing Good Practice. 

The HO can now issue guidance to landlords on good practice in accordance with the Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023. The HO has advised that the aim of this is to drive improvement in housing provision through learning from complaints. 

Before issuing, revising or replacing guidance, the HO must consult: 

  1. The Regulator of Social Housing.
  2. Members of the Scheme; and
  3. Individuals who may make complaints under the Scheme.

The HO's consultation will run until 21 May 2024 and landlords are invited to participate and provide feedback via a survey which can be accessed here: Good Practice Consultation. The HO then intends to consider the responses in early Summer and to issue the formal Good Practice by Autumn. 

The HO is seeking feedback on potential topics for the first Good Practice and has made the following suggestions:

  • Making an effective apology. 
  • Deciding on appropriate levels of compensation.
  • Effective complaint handling during merger or stock transfer. 
  • Effective root cause analysis of complaints.
  • Knowledge and information management. 

Once the Good Practice is issued, the HO has suggested that landlords should self-assess at that time, rather than wait for a complaint about the topic area or an order from the HO to do so. 

The HO has advised that as a starting point, they do not anticipate issuing Good Practice more than twice in any given 12 month period. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Donna McCarthy or Victoria Smith. 


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