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Updated JCT Design and Build Contract: changes for 2024

The Joint Contracts Tribunal ("JCT") publishes a range of standard form building contracts, which are widely used within the construction industry. Last year, it was confirmed that an updated suite of contracts would be issued in 2024, starting with the Design and Build contract, which was published on 17 April 2024.

There are a number of notable amendments and updates to take into account matters such as the effects of pandemics, modernised language, the numerous pieces of legislation that have been published since 2016, new dutyholder positions and new statutory duties.

We have set out some of the key highlights in more detail in our new report: Updated JCT Design and Build Contract: changes for 2024

Devonshires is holding a webinar on the changes to the JCT on 29 April 2024. For more information, or to register, please click here.


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