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| less than a minute read

Another social housing contractor in financial difficulty

Construction News has reported

that another contractor working with housing associations and local government to deliver new homes is about to enter a formal insolvency process.

Based in the South East, Westridge Construction Ltd have constructed homes for a number of housing providers. It appears to be in financial difficulty despite turnover during the last reporting period of £64m and turning a profit in recent reporting periods.

Contractor insolvency exposes housing associations to a number of risks, whatever stage the project is in - including after practical completion and the expiry of any defects liability period.

While housing providers can take some steps to insulate themselves from the risk of contractor insolvency before letting a construction contract, it is a fact of the difficult economic climate, and the number of insolvencies shows no sign of slowing down.

A £64m-turnover contractor based in East Sussex has filed a notice of intention to appoint administrators.


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