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| 1 minute read

RSH Fees Consultation Published - what does this mean for your organisation

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has published the outcome of its consultation on changes to its fee principles and confirmed fee increases in order to give the RSH the resources needed to deliver its expanded regulatory role.

The results are that larger Registered Providers (RPs) – those with 1,000 or more homes – will be charged £9.28 per social housing property. This is a 72% rise on the current rate of £5.40 per social housing property.

Smaller RPs – those with fewer than 1,000 homes - will continue to be charged a flat annual fee, which will increase from the current £300 to £650.

Local authority providers owning more than 1,000 homes will also be charged a fee for the first time at a rate of £6.63 per social housing property.

Registration fees for any organisations wishing to register as an RP will be £3,000. Previously organisations were only required to pay a fee once they had successfully registered. 

The RSH’s new fee regime will come into effect on 1 July 2024 - invoices will be sent by the RSH to RPs in June, with fees for 2024/25 being charged on a pro rata basis.

If you have any questions on what the new fee regime means for your organisation or are in the process of applying to register as an RP, please do get in touch. 


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